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Jokertoon's unique designs are available at Amazon, Redbubble, Teepublic and many other online stores.

Commission cartoons and illustrations from Jokertoons - search the growing portfolio for inspiration.

Text-based design comes of age. Tag graphics and logo design arriving Summer 2021

Matt's a senior full-stack marketing specialist who builds strong brands, campaigns and teams across multiple industries.

Discover my latest physical and digital art and upcoming exhibitions. Arriving Summer 2021

With over 3k column inches in national press, see Matt's portfolio at Contently.

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Marketing & Business

Matt's a marketing specialist who built strong brands, adaptable teams, and winning strategies. He's as comfortable maximising ROI from large budgets as limited resources, which is one reason he's specialised in boosting startups in industries as diverse as hospitality, energy and fintech. His campaigns ensure businesses sing to the right customers and investors.

Under the Mattketing brand, Matt publishes the regular tech, marketing and media column: The Raven.

I'm a full-stack marketer, happy to talk about projects big and small across part or all of your marketing timeline. From lasting strategies to impact campaigns, take a look at my work, my experience and the ways I can help you.

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Writing & Journalism

Matt's an accomplished journalist who's penned over 3,000 column inches for UK press, including The Guardian and Mirror. A published author of fact and fiction, he's achieved recognition in international competitions.

Media trained, Matt's shaped and rolled out content strategies for businesses in multiple sectors and taken point as brand advocate in interviews. His copy has launched many products to market, and his content has been shared across social media thousands of times.

You can't underestimate the importance of good communication. Contact me for words that boost a publication's exposure, create conversations on social media, and launch websites, businesses or brands.

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Art & Design

Matt has spent the last two decades building a diverse portfolio of styles, interests and art outlets. He founded the Jokertoons brand to bring unique cartoons and illustrations to individuals and businesses. Jokertoons's bestsellers are available at multiple online outlets, including Redbubble and Amazon, and is open to commissions.

A Saatchi Art and Nifty member, Matt's produces digital and physical fine art designed to challenge and entertain through the Jokermatt moniker.

Art affects individuals, society and business. Contact me about visuals that empower, inform, communicate, and change.

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